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John Murphy,We understand the importance of seating and therefore specialise in providing high quality comfort seating solutions for our clients who have many different types of needs. Each chair is built individually for each client as outlined from our Occupational Therapist report carried out.

Our Occupational Therapist is available in order to carry out a seating assessment on our clients in order to identify the needs and match those by providing a specialised comfort chair solution.
We trial our products in order to ensure that our clients needs are being met. Our Occupational Therapist is always on hand to provide necessary support.

John Murphy is the manager of Advanced Seating. He has a business and accounting background and has worked in the Healthcare industry for the past 3 years with our partner O’Flynn Medical, www.oflynnmedical.com.

This has provided him with an in depth knowledge and experience working various medical professionals and products.
John works with Occupational Therapists regularly, where a knowledge and understanding of the importance of correct seating is so important in order to provide a better life for our clients.

 I am the younger brother of John and I am also a trained seating specialist. I began with the servicing and repairing of equipment, where I became more interested in patient comfort, postural support and pressure care management.
With intense training and research from the Seating Matters team, it really helped prepare me to support Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapist or assess the patient independently.
Having seen at first hand the difference a suitable chair can make to someone’s life makes it the most enjoyable  and rewarding experience.
Importance of Seating: Posture can kill.

Studies have shown that poor posture can have a number of negative impacts on a persons life. Poor posture can effect the respiratory system, swallow of food/medicines, reduce the oxygen levels in the blood and continue recurring of kidney infections.

Good posture positioning will improve the quality of life for people with long term disabilities, hence we are committed to providing seating solutions in order to help provide this high quality.

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