Clinical Research

Clinical Research

Clinical Research is a integral part of our business, we work closely with our colleagues in Seating Matters with the aim of Improving the standard of clinical & therapeutic Seating. We are passionate about Seating and we are here to assist clinicians and care workers on how they may improve the quality of care for their patients.


Pressure Management

Many people who suffer from long term disabilities, who are elderly or lack mobility spend long periods of time sitting. Many chairs do not incorporate necessary features for pressure management in seating. These include being able to adjust to a person’s individual size, provide postural support, repositioning for weight redistribution and appropriate cushion use. Pressure Injuries are avoidable but are sometimes overlooked, the experience of having a pressure injury can have a significant impact on the patient.


Falls Prevention

Many people who use clinical therapeutic seating are those who are in the high risk categories for falls. Falls can cause injury and most commonly occur when the client is elderly. Lower body weakness, poor balance or visual impairments are all conditions that make it more likely for a person to fall. Proper seating can greatly improve a persons quality of life and potentially decrease the chances of falling.


Early Mobilization

Too often we see an over reliance on bed rest for pressure care management, despite the fact that bed rest can in certain cases have a detrimental effect on a patient’s health and recovery. The prescription of correct seating can enable early mobilization by supporting the patient to get out of bed earlier and therefore positively impacts their clinical outcome.






A new edition of Martina Tierney OT’s famous Handbook, used the world over, has just been launched. This essential clinical resource contains advice and clinical research to assist you in the prescription and use of specialist, therapeutic seating.

Contains: Providing practical tips on performing seating assessments. Your go-to guide for supporting various spinal presentations.

The Clinicin's Seating Handbook

Clinical research

An extended guide to seating bariatric and paediatric patients. Information on the new staging guidelines for pressure injuries. Expanded, detailed patient case studies.


Clinicians Seating Handbook