Therapeutic Wheelchair designed for Nursing Homes

Advanced Seating, based in Co Cork, are the proud distributors of Seating Matters chairs in the South West and West of Ireland.

Together with Seating Matters, we have extensive experience in seating and knowledge in the areas of falls prevention, pressure injuries, bariatric seating and those with complex muscle contractures.

Seating Matters have created the Milano™ therapeutic wheelchair to bring clinical expertise and high quality design to a universal, accessible chair perfect for nursing home care or care at home.


Perfect for HSE Loan Stores, Hospitals and Nursing Homes

The Milano™  takes the clinical features, the quality and the durability for which Seating Matters is known and puts it into an accessible, universal chair.

Perfect for multiple users, the Milano™  can be easily adjusted in seat width, seat depth and footplate height to fit a different patient. As there is no velcro in the design, it passes very stringent infection control standards and makes re-issue and re-use of the chair very simple.

With impressive strength and durability, the Milano™  will help the HSE equipment loan stores, hospitals and nursing homes across the South West and West of Ireland save money by being able to be re-used over and over again.

A Revolution in Seating Design

The Milano™ tilt in space chair is designed as a simple, adjustable and affordable care chair. It gives support, comfort and pressure management to patients who have low to medium support needs and those who may still maintain a degree of mobility.

The Milano™ has:

  • Tilt in Space.
  • Back Angle Recline.
  • Elevating Legrest.
  • Adjustable Seat Width.
  • Adjustable Seat Depth.
  • Adjustable Footplate Height.
  • Adjustable Footplate Angle.
  • Removable Seat Cushion.
  • Support for Hip Abduction.
  • Support for Windswept Sitting.

Support and Adjustability

Pressure distribution is provided in the Milano™  due to the tilt in space mechanism, the Dartex multi-stretch material and reflex foam in the seat cushion.  The Milano™ chair offers an adjustable back angle recline to accommodate the patient and the elevating legrest can be raised and lowered, also increasing patient comfort.

The push handle and castors allow the patient to be transported in the chair.  It is fully hoist accessible which reduces moving and handling significantly

The Milano™ is designed for:

  • Home Care.
  • Care and Nursing Homes.
  • Acute Care.
  • Contracts.
  • Equipment Loan Stores.
  • Rentals.

The Milano™ can be used for seating clients with the following postural and medical conditions:

  • Pressure ulcers (also known as pressure injuries or bed sores).
  • Moderate Kyphosis, Scoliosis & Lordosis.
  • Muscle & Joint Contractures.
  • Oedema (Edema) or Swelling of the Lower Limbs.
  • Post-Operative Rehab Needs.
  • Spasticity.
  • Low Muscle Tone.
  • Support for Hip Abduction & Windswept Postures.
  • Fatigue.

Milano™ Accessories

Seat Belt

Provides additional safety during transit as well as providing a form of support for those who may have a tendency to slide out of their chairs or suffer from seizures. It is only to be used in accordance with facility or local regulations regarding restraint. (HB7)
Size: Standard.

Concave Pillow

This “C” shaped pillow provides lateral head support for clients with poor head control and encourages a midline head position. It increases comfort and contact with the chair and incorporates the Seating Matters pressure management used on user contact surfaces of the chair.

Adjustable Footplate

An angle and height adjustable footplate can be added to the Milano™ to load the users feet and provide sensory feedback during tilt.


Warranty & Infection Control

Adjustable in Under 1 Min

A chair which can be easily adjusted;
– on-site
– without tools
– within 60 seconds and
– fixed to limit improper adjustment.

Infection Control Approved

At Seating Matters we take infection control very seriously. Our chairs have been specifically designed to decrease entrapment areas where bacteria and germs can survive.


Due to our extremely high manufacturing standards and stringent testing, we are confident to offer an extensive warranty on each of the Seating Matters chairs*.

*Seating Matters chairs are subject to design variations, alternative specifications and various warranty terms. Contact us for exact specification, pricing and more information.

We provide the Seating Matters chairs the counties of Clare, Cork, Galway, Kerry, Limerick, Mayo, Roscommon, Tipperary, Waterford.

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